Thursday, March 11, 2010

PACS Divorce Rate Spikes!

PACSman: So why aren’t second PACS purchases flawless? One only needs to look at marriage and divorce statistics to understand. It is pretty much agreed by most experts that first marriages end in divorce about 40 to 50 percent of the time. The PACS “divorce rate” is much higher than that.

What surprises me is that the divorce rate increases with second marriages to 60 percent and more, while third marriages end in divorce at least 70 percent of the time. Does that mean third generation PACS are more doomed than second?
One would think that an individual who has gone through a marriage and divorce would have “learned his (or her) lesson” and will, therefore, not repeat the mistakes of the past. Alas, this is often not the case. Those who marry to fulfill certain needs, but are not prepared to give in return, usually marry with the same intent the next time around.
The same holds true with PACS. The second or replacement PACS becomes nothing more than a walk down a precipice, a courtship leading to fresh disaster, only because it involves a new partner.

Avoid Disaster
So how do you avoid the disaster? Make a list of what you liked and didn’t like with your first PACS. Evaluate your new PACS partner not just by the freshness they bring to the relationship but by how well they performed during the time you were together.
In doing the detailed evaluation and assessment, it is important to understand that while newer systems might perform better – after all it does run on newer hardware and is one of the primary reasons why you are upgrading – you have to also ask if the better performance helps you or hinders you? That may sound contradictory, but sometimes faster and cheaper isn’t always what you need, especially if you lose a feature you really used before.
Look at the company’s track record in delivering what they promised relative to software updates and upgrades. Did they meet the promised delivery dates? Did it work right the first time? Did it include everything that they said it would or merely provided a fraction of what they said?

Get the Top 10 Considerations for PACS Replacement here and read the complete article in the April issue of Imaging Technology News

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